Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lights, Lamps, and Shorter Days

Heya folks! As you all know, the days are getting rather short, and I think this week may be the last that super early into work will allow for ride time afterwads... or at least daylight ride time. I am thinking that as long as the roads are dry and temperatures not too unreasonable, a nighttime ride wouldn't be the worst thing. Do any of you have suggestions on lamps, headlight, and lights? I don't want to break the bank. I do want to be safe!

Also, a friend recently wrote of another woman in her cyclocross race, 'She was living in the cottage of wattage.' I really liked that term.

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F said...

I do have one suggestion for a tail light:

I have a headlight too, but I don't think it's particularly good. Plus, you probably need a real headlight, not just a safety light.